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Featuring poetry by Mario Susko & Renée Sigel

This is an uncompromising and poignant exploration of love, family, loss and alienation in exile, during times of war. Mario Susko survived the Serbian-Croation civil war that broke out after the collapse of communism in the region. He fled to the USA with his family where he lectures Literature at Suny Brook University. Renée Sigel was forced into political exile at the time of government transition in South Africa. Her poems document unflinching accounts of life in a police state.

Together their poems testify not only to their personal experience, but to the fact that dislocation, exile and various states of war can be experienced by anyone, at any time: No one is exempt from losing their home or their country. Read more

Cover image ” Omo Valley”, by Steve McCurry, with permission 2015, courtesy of MAGNUM PHOTOS Zürich.
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Later Selected Poems 2000 – 2020

Editors: Niall MacGiolla Bhuí & Renée Sigel

Going Home to Wyoming, Later Selected Poems 2000 – 2020, includes work from seventeen years of John Ennis’s poems,  – Near St.  Mullins (2002) to Turangalíla-Palestine (2019). Rather than selecting work book by book, the editors settled for a continuous narrative featuring the persona of Suibhne Geilt, homeless wanderer in many guises, from the mediaeval Suibhne divorced from family and place, to the dispossessed of more recent times in Syria, Tibet and Palestine, and the earlier Cheyanne of Wyoming, homelands and home places by the year, for many, grown more virtual than real. Heroes and heroines are celebrated along the way, not least among them the Elliott sisters, Eilish and Emily from Glasson, and Nadya Tolokonnikova imprisoned in Moravia. The human voice is sought after whether in celebration or critique. Read more.

Praise for Going Home to Wyoming ;

“Ennis is, by any standard, a poet of international significance, whose work is characterised by an integrating and humane perspective, which is fortified by contact with the structures of consciousness itself”.

Professor Robert Welch, UU at Coleraine, writing of Ennis’s What Verities Remain.
John Ennis. Going Home to Wyoming. Later Selected Poems 2000 – 2020 Published by Book Hub Publishing, Athenry, Galway, Ireland.

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global voices in lockdown 2020

Editors: Philippa & Simon Holloway

Curated and edited by Philippa and Simon Holloway, 100 Words of Solitude brings together a mulitude of experiences and often poignant reflections of life in lockdown and the challenges we’ve all faced, during an unprecendented year of loss, isolation and seclusion.

This project was conceived on the first day of the UK lockdown, during a late-night conversation about whether it was ever possible to understand the varied, lived experiences of people all over the world, who might be all sharing the same fears and concerns we had, facing similar challenges, but in very different places and in very different ways. We wondered how it might be possible to write about the pandemic, and if writing about it was even the right way to approach such a complex situation. We both wanted to do something to help people during the lockdown, but are not medical professionals, and apart from supporting our neighbours, felt a little helpless. However, we do know that writing can help when faced with difficult and challenging situations. We’ve both taught Creative Writing for the mental health charity MIND in the past, and know how it can help us to take control of our thoughts, to make sense of emotions and behaviours and cultural/social interactions, and to find connection with others. And so, 100 Words Of Solitude was born. “ Philippa and Simon Hollway. The Editors.

Praise for 100 Words Of Solitude . . .

“The diversity of voices and countries represented demonstrates how connected our global village is; these words bring solace at a time when that’s a rare commodity.”

Nessa O’ Mahony

“A beautiful idea, beautifully executed, these variously-shaped glimpses remind uy all that we are not alone.”

Tania Herschman
Luxury Limited & Numbered Harcover Charity & Softcover Editions.

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An Anthology of 25 Young Irish LGBTQ+ Poets
Editor: John Ennis

The landmark success of the 2015 same-sex Irish Marriage Referendum finally opened up a kandscape previously marred by secrecy and shame. Stepping out into life and love, these young poets embrace the complexities and insecure endeavour of “becoming”, at a time when the world faces its most serious existential threat in a century. In this collection, the poets are gathered by their first names, or initials, and range in age from late teens, –some in their final Leaving Certificate Year 2020 – to their thirties.

At a time of isolation and exclusion, this coming together of youthful expression in GREEN CARNATIONS offers a refreshing view of life on the brink of new, passionate and visceral experience. Brought together under the editorial eye of award-winning poet, educator and editor, John Ennis, Green Carnations showcases fresh new voices and bright talent from across Ireland. Read more.

Green Carnations. Edited & Curated by John Ennis.
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